- designs for outdoor spaces
Tel: 077 0926 0946               email: enquiries@simonvenn.co.uk                write: 4 Timber Court, Rugby, Warwickshire CV22 5AZ
We help Early Years settings and schools transform outdoor spaces by
helping to create your ‘vision’ for a sustainable outdoor learning environment designing and building a range of stimulating outdoor spaces helping to manage a project over a period of time helping you provide high quality learning opportunities for everyone who will be using your new outdoor learning environment helping make decisions on how best to make changes whatever your budget helping make the best use of your resources with support for fund-raising, grant applications, sponsorship, etc. helping to include all the children, parents and staff, the wider community (when relevant) in the whole process
We are happy to work on whole-school projects or on smaller individual spaces. We can help you on site, in person. We can help you from a distance, using our on-line support service, wherever you are.  Just contact us on 077 0926 0946 or by email
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